Born 21st December, 1975, into a family of musicians that has had deep Hindustani Classical traditions for more than three generations, poet Srijato has established himself as one of the primary exponents of modern Bengali poetry. Srijato’s first book Sesh Chithi (The Last Letter) was published in 1999. In 2004, he became the second-youngest recipient of the prestigious Ananda Puroshkar for his seminal work Uronto Sob Joker (Those Flying Jokers), which was also awarded the Krittibas Puroshkar (2004), the most coveted award for Bengali poetry. Srijato was also invited to attend the Writer’s Workshop at Iowa University (2006) and was the representative for Bengali Poetry in the Writer’s Fair, Scotland (2008). He is the author of more than 15 books of modern Bengali Poetry, and currently works as the Senior Sub-Editor for the Bengali Magazine Parama.